• HASHIM DAWOOD MOUSA Dept. of Periodontology ,College of Dentistry, University of Duhok, Kurdistan Region-Iraq
Keywords: mouthwash, CRP, catalase( CAT), clinical attachment loss(CAL), (CHX mouthwash)


Introduction: a chronic inflammatory illness with damaging  of tooth supporting structures is called periodontitis Aim:  to evaluate the overall effects of Olea europaea mouthwashes as an helpful to non surgical periodontal therapy (NSPT ) on inflammation ,plaque and oxidative stress (OS) compared with chlorhexidine ( 0.2%) mouthwashes for managing of chronic periodontitis

Material and methods : A study will  occurred at Periodontics Department, College of Dentistry, university of Duhok ,    .The research composed  from  72  participants  with chronic periodontitis 39males, 33 females  ranging from 25-55 years old, both NSPT   and  data collection were performed by single dentist  .  Randomly participants  were divided  into three categories , each category included 24patients,first group receiving NSPT and olive mouthwash, the second group receiving NSPT and CHX mouthwash and control   group   getting  NSPT only.  Clinical attachment loss (CAL) and  Plaque Index (PI) were measured . Salivary CRP,  Catalase(CAT) , eight hydroxy deoxyguanosine  (8-OHdG)  would be measured

Results: The concentration of salivary CRP and CAT for both groups were highly significant after 2 weeks , while other parameters were non significant

Conclusion Both mouthwash have a significant reduction on inflammation CRP, ,oxidative stress  and consider as  powerful antioxidant  properties


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