• YOUSIF S. SAEED *College of Engineering, University of Kirkuk, Iraq
  • NADA S. ABDULMAJEED ** Technical Engineering College, Northern Technical University, Iraq
  • SALIH H. NAJIB ** * Technical Engineering Department, Al-Fikra Al-Handasia Company, Iraq
Keywords: Buildings Design, Energy Efficiency, Passive Design Strategies; Sustainability.


Today we live in an era witnessing an increasing demand for energy at a time when the main sources of energy generation have begun to run out. Which is witnessing a significant increase in the amount of consumption, offset by the inability to meet the population's energy needs. It would be beneficial to reduce energy consumption in buildings to a more environmentally friendly level and to a more energy-efficient level, this paper evaluates the Mantosiva material in walls to reduce heating cooling loads. Using (block, brick, Thermostone block) walls and creating the models, which have been simulated by Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) and Hourly Analysis Program (HAP) programs. To do this, image analysis techniques were used, and the analysis of the models was described by the diagram parameters. Six types of walls were analyzed in two programs, Mantosiva was used as a replacement for the external plaster. The objective of this research is to study the effect of Mantosiva material on the energy consumption of buildings in Iraq and identify the amount of energy savings from the application of Mantosiva in buildings. PHPP and HAP were used to calculate the thermal loads and the amount of energy needed. The building is located at Longitude 44.44° and Latitude 35.44° in Kirkuk/ Iraq.





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SAEED, Y. S., ABDULMAJEED , N. S., & NAJIB , S. H. (2023). ENERGY-EFFICIENT BUILDING USING MANTOSIVA MATERIAL. Journal of Duhok University, 26(2), 140-147.