• RENAS HUSAIN ISA Dept. of Animal Production, Collage of Agriculture Engineering Sciences, University of Duhok
  • JASSIM MOHAMMED ABDO College of Pharmacy, University of Duhok
  • YOUSIF MOHAMMED SALIH AL-BARZINJI Dept. of Animal Resources, Collage of Agriculture Engineering Sciences, University of Salahaddin
Keywords: Real-Time PCR, Coronavirus, IBV, Broiler, Duhok, Iraq


Avian infectious bronchitis disease is reported as the main problem in the poultry industry in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. This study was performed to diagnose Infectious bronchitis among suspected broiler farms located in Duhok governorate, Northern of Iraq as well as to evaluate the efficiency of Real-Time PCR for the detection of the causative virus of this disease. In this study, one hundred and eighty tracheal tissue samples were collected from sixty suspected broiler farms from April 2018 to July 2019. RNA was successfully extracted and used for detection by Real-Time PCR technique using commercial kit targeting 160 bp of S gene which is the conserved region for all avian infectious bronchitis virus strains. Out of sixty suspected farms sixteen (26.66%), farms were positive to the infectious bronchitis virus. This study confirms the presence of avian infectious bronchitis disease in this area by Real-Time PCR. Although a single study was performed to detect this disease by Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction in this governorate, this is the first study to use Real-Time PCR in the diagnosis of this disease in this area and it was highly efficient for detection of this virus


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