Keywords: Beacon; Attendance System; iOS; Android; IoT.


Until today, student attendance taking proves to have remained as one of the most challenging tasks in
educational organizations. Time efficiency, authenticity together with cost have been major influential
factors for many proposed systems in the past to tackle such a challenging task. Nevertheless, such
proposed systems lack one or more of these issues. This paper introduces an idea in which smartphones
owned by students and teachers are used as the main building blocks of an attendance system that
addresses these three major issues. The proposed system takes advantage of the built-in Bluetooth Low
Energy (known as BLE) of the smartphones such that it turns them into Beacon Transmitters and
Receivers. Two different applications are developed, one of which is installed on the student smartphones
turning into a Beacon Transmitter while the other is installed on the instructor’s device acting as a Beacon
scanner. Students are automatically marked as present, once s/he enters the classroom with the app
running. When the instructor is satisfied with the attendance, s/he can send the data to a remote server.


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