Keywords: junction detection, document image, binary image, document analysis and recognition, performance evaluation


Junction detection plays a significant role in document image recognition. High recognition rate of
graphical primitives is correlated with the proper detection of junctions. In this paper, a junction detection
algorithm is presented in thinning-based raster to vector conversion process. The method has three stages
that leverage junction representation from pixels to features (i.e. junctions). The input image is thinned to
its skeleton. Edges were found next and pixels with many neighbours are designated as a low level
junction. Polygonal approximation on edges is used to detect L-junctions while connected component
analysis is used to find intermediate junctions. Intermediate junctions with a distance less than a threshold
are combined to form a high level X- and Y-junctions. Performance evaluation on mechanical engineering
drawings shows precision rate of 82.38% and a recall rate of 97.29%.


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