Keywords: Delay in implementation; Construction projects; Kurdistan Region of Iraq.


Delay in public construction projects sector has become a phenomenon in construction industry in the
developing countries. Iraqi Kurdistan Region has deprived of many valuable scientific and exclusionary
researches have studied delay in this sector for decades, due to the fact that, projects in this region are not
subjected to the same standards and administrative laws as those of the central government of Iraq.
Therefore, determining and ranking the main delaying factors of the PCPs in the Kurdistan region of Iraq
is the main objective of this publication, by reviewing and presenting previous publications in this regard
and conducting a survey, involving the most important factors related to the main participants in the
construction industry processes (client, contractor, consultant) in addition to the external factors, that
affect the implementation of public construction projects, Responses were collected and analyzed to obtain
the key delay factors by finding the frequency, impact and importance indexes of the four groups (client,
contractor, consultant and the external factors). The results showed that out to twelve top ranked factors,
six contractor related factors, three client related factors, two external related factors and one consultant
related factors.


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