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  • GHAZWAN A. MOHAMMED Dept. of Pharmacology, College of Pharmacy, University of Duhok, Kurdistan Region- Iraq
Keywords: Liver disease, Questionnaire, Duhok, Kurdistan Region


Liver disease is one of the widespread diseases in the world where it increased in Duhok City-Kurdistan Region-Iraq. Hence, a study on this disease was performed to determine the causes of this disease and its frequency. The study is an observational study included the use of Chronic Liver Disease Questionnaire (CLDQ) which is a specific health-related quality of life assessment designed for patients with liver diseases along with a descriptive study at Azadi Teaching Hospital in Duhok including 58 patients. The CLDQ measures the impact on quality of life of chronic liver diseases (CLD), regardless of underlying etiology. Reliability and validity of the questionnaire will be determined through the experts. Information was collected through the use of the constructed questionnaire and the method of personal interview was employed.

Aims: The aims of the current study were to review the previous studies on chronic cases related to liver diseases and observe the CLD in Duhok city/ Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Results: Among these 58 patients, 24 patients (41.4%) had CLD which was (12 had liver cirrhosis, 11 had hepatitis B virus and one patient had liver metastasis) and 34 patients (58.6%) had acute liver disease. This study observed that the most common cause of liver cirrhosis is chronic hepatitis B, followed by alcohol and cryptogenic liver cirrhosis.

Conclusion: This study evidenced that most individuals didn't care about the importance of vaccination, regimen, follow-up, and treatment of the specific conditions related to a liver disorder that improves the quality of life


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Journal of Duhok University UoD

Journal of Duhok University

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Kurdistan Region - Iraq


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