• Journal of Duhok University UoD
  • MAHIR ISMAEL AHMED Dept. of Energy Engineering, Technical College of Engineering, Duhok Polytechnic, Kurdistan Region-Iraq.
  • OMAR MOHAMMED ALI Dept. of mechanical engineering, college of engineering, university of Zakho, Kurdistan Region-Iraq.
Keywords: Flat plate collector, Galvanized steel, absorber plate, thermal efficiency


The present work includes the design and fabrication of the flat plate solar collector system. The performance of the system is investigated experimentally using galvanized steel sheet with 0.4mm thickness as an absorber plate with black coating, the collector area is 0.54 m2. The test is conducted in Iraq, Kurdistan region, Duhok city on January 10, 2019, for five hours. The collector efficiency is satisfactory as compared with previous study. The useful heat gain and efficiency of collector have been calculated from the collected data. The results display that there are many factors and parameters such as wind speed, collector heat removal factor, heat losses coefficient and transmission-absorption product affected on collector efficiency.


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Journal of Duhok University UoD

Journal of Duhok University

University of Duhok

Kurdistan Region - Iraq


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UoD, J. of D. U., AHMED, M. I., & ALI, O. M. (2020). EXPERIMENTAL INVESTIGATION OF FLAT PLATE COLLECTOR SYSTEM PERFORMANCE USING GALVANIZED STEEL ABSORBER IN DUHOK CLIMATE. Journal of Duhok University, 22(2), 49-56. https://doi.org/10.26682/sjuod.2019.22.2.6
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